There is usually a grid of 8x8 squares, containing just 1 and 0, and which must be completed according to three simple rules:

  • Arcade Mode

    Complete levels to unlock our 3000 free puzzle. Arcade let you learn softly the way to solve the hardest puzzle

  • 6 puzzle size

    From the easiest 4x4 (too easy ?) to hardest 14x14 Takuzu puzzle, you can choose your way to play : causual or hard brain teaser

  • 6 difficulty levels

    Each size of puzzle have its difficulty level. The difficulty levels have there own color set

  • Free play mode

    This mode give you access to 3000 free puzzle. You can choose the size and the difficulty.

  • Auto save game

    Your game is automaticly saved when you leave the app. No matter about stopping to play when your waiting period ending.

  • 2-3mins playtime per game

    You'll be able to easily handle it in short runs, but you can just as well spend hours thinking about the way to solve the hardest puzzle.


Free App

Subiku is 100% free to play. You just need to finish arcade mode to unlock all the puzzle.

Hudge number of puzzle

Download Subiku to get access to more than 3000 puzzle !!!

Easy to learn

Easy to learn, hard to beat on hardest levels.


Subiku give you all the tools to finish the puzzle.

  • 2-3mins playtime per game
  • Draft mode to solve the toughest grids
  • 6 grid sizes available : 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 10x10, 12x12 and 14x14
  • More than 3000 grids available without additional any purchase!!
  • Clues
  • Display solutions
  • Zoom option for smaller screens
  • Real-time error indication


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